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Changes to railcards

From 6 September rail card holders will no longer be able to buy off peak tickets for use on our peak services.

Customers can still use their rail card discount on peak time fares and there are many deals available, especially with some planning and flexibility. This brings us in line with the rest of the rail industry.

Virgin Trains has been the only train company in Britain to offer Railcard holders the opportunity to purchase discounted off-peak tickets for travel on peak time trains. This has been the case for many years, and while we have never promoted this easement very heavily, we recognise that many of our customers are aware of it and will have benefited from it over this period.

We have however decided that now is the time to end the discount, and bring us back in line with the rest of the rail industry. The date for the withdrawal of the easement is 6 September 2015 although any discounted off-peak tickets purchased prior to that date for travel after 6 September 2015 will have the existing easement honoured.

The change we are making will not alter the discounted price that Railcard holders currently pay for off peak tickets, but it will increase the restrictions on their use in line with the normal rail industry arrangement. Railcard users will still be able to enjoy discounts on peak time fares - the discounted anytime fare will be available as well as discounted advance tickets, which can offer significant discounts for peak time travel.

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