Community project to create wildflower haven for bees in Wigan

Avanti West Coast is supporting a community project in Wigan to transform redundant railway land into a bee-friendly space.


Green-fingered volunteers from Avanti West Coast, Network Rail, South East Lancashire Community Rail Partnership (CRP), and the local area recently teamed up to begin work to create a wildflower meadow next to the West Coast Main Line.


Their efforts to plant seeds mark the start of the Wigan Meadow Project – an initiative, funded through Avanti West Coast’s Community Rail Project Fund, to brighten up a bare spot of land to make it a haven for bees. 


An idea of South East Lancashire CRP, the project aims to help the region’s bee population, which is in decline due to loss of habitat, by creating a friendly space for bees with pollinator plants. It also aims to support the local production of honey with beehives.


You can find the full press release here.