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HomingPin - an operator first!

We have launched a trial of an innovative new service, HomingPin, to help deal with lost property. Our trial marks the first time in the world that a railway operator has adopted the lost property recovery system to reunite people with their belongings.


Up to 1,000 of our customers will take part in the trial, with each receiving a unique PIN code to register on the secure website, together with a phone number and email address which are never shared. Customers receive a luggage loop, key ring and a set of labels - each with their unique code printed on - which can be attached to their possessions. If a lost item is found by one of our people or a member of the public, they simply enter the PIN on the website, which is matched back to the owner. The owner then gets a text or email to arrange the collection of the item from the finder.


It follows our Teddy Tracker initiative which was introduced last year to ensure lost toys are returned to their rightful owners.

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